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By practicing Qi Gong, a person can promote health, prevent disease, and even enhance beauty and delay
aging. Qi Gong, by adjusting respiration, relaxing muscles and mind, and promoting circulation, produces
people bring forth and develop various special abilities.

Breath Qi Gong Yoga is a traditional Korean Holistic Practice for health and enlightenment for thousand
years. Our 70 minute class is so easy and simple. So most of people can enjoy this class.  
Through this class, you will quickly notice a change in how you feel as you become more relaxed
and fill up with energy.

75 Minute Class includes:

  • QiGongStretching (30 minutes)
This particular exercise increases flexibility and builds strength in the core of your body.
It helps activate energy channels and bring a return to balance.

  • DanJun Breathing (30 minutes)
This method of breathing is a simple yet  powerful technique. You will experience deep
relaxation while recharging your Qi(energy) to create the ideal condition of a cool head
and warm abdomen. This properly balanced energy reduces stress by refreshing your
brain and replenishing lost energy. It also helps you gain freedom from racing thoughts
and emotions to create an inner calm and peacefulness.

  • Energy Meditation (10 minutes)
This state awakens the Qi(energy) sensation in your body. This will increase your
awareness as you observe and control your body and mind.

  • Closing Stretching (5 minutes)
Breath Qigong Yoga
Gentle Flow of Qi Gong
"Qi" means vital energy in the body and "Gong" means exercising and
adjusting. Thus, Qi Gong involves working directly with one's life-force to
improve health. Qi, the inner energy, or power, maintains its internal and
external equilibrium by moving, or "orbiting," inside and outside the body.
When the body's Qi is moving properly,and the body-system is in inner
and outer balance in a state of homeostasis, a person is healthy.
Diseases and disorders occur when this inner energy is in stasis or still.
The practice of Qi Gong helps to enhance the orbiting, the movement of
this inner energy, thereby bringing balance to the body.