Master this simple principle and enjoy a healthy body,
a clear mind and a more balanced and joyful life!
Cool head warm feet
H&J Healing Clinic For Your Happy and Joyful Life
As the mind fills up with thoughts and emotions, the heat energy
in your body settles in your head, causing your abdomen to lose
warmth.  This condition affects the natural flow of Qi-energy
through your body, as well as your blood circulation.

While in this state, the muscles in your body tighten up and your
hands and feet get cold, making it hard to concentrate, as stress
sets in.  This condition is a common cause of insomnia, fatigue,
tension and anxiety.

At H&J Healing Clinic, we can help you master the art of keeping
a “cool head and warm feet” through Korean Traditional Holistic
Healing Programs to create the ideal condition for the body and

Through this simple yet effective discipline, you can learn to direct
the energy flow through your body to create good health and inner
calm for your happy and joyful life.